” I NEED YOU” Dealing with friends


We have all different kinds of friends. We have “best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, school friends, sports friends, work friends,  and even ex-friends”. There are “friends with benefits” (which really aren’t friends…but that’s for a different time), friends you meet online, friends of friends, and Facebook friends.

Friends are awesome. But, what happens when one of your friends becomes needy? Remember Needy Nikki? You know, the friend who has an unhealthy attachment to you. How do you deal with this? This is what I’d like to shed some light on.

Needy friends are tough. I’ve had a few friends like this in my life, and, at one point or another, I’ve been one. But, if your anything like me, your first instinct on handling these situations is to do your best to ignore and avoid these types of friends. However, we have to fight this temptation.

One main reason friends can become needy is because they are looking for someone to love them or accept them. Often people who are needy don’t have a solid support system or have people in their life to love them the way they need. Usually this causes them to gravitate toward people they see as having these qualities—loving, caring, and accepting.

Unfortunately, the unhealthy part comes in when needy friends cling as tight as they can to another person, and as a result, that person begins to feel suffocated and sometimes gets angry or annoyed.

 You can handle needy friends in a healthy, loving way.


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